How To Plan A Last Minute Trip

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In this post, we share this simple 3-steps system that’ll help you plan a trip like a pro, last-minute!

See my family tends to throw me in the deep end all the time with last-minute travel requests. Daddy Pau’s business is looming, budget is tight, and we can’t really commit anything until.. well a few days prior!

But like every family, we want the best accommodation in the hub of all attractions. So it’s all too common to get a ‘sorry no availability for the dates you’ve chosen’ on booking sites. Or a ridiculously marked up price that could very well be a typo mistake.

If this sounds familiar to you, follow the steps below, and I promise your stress isn’t worth it!

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Series: Minimalist Travel Planning Tips & Hacks

How to Plan A Last Minute Trip
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Road Trip, Domestic or International?

Usually we prefer road trips as a last minute getaway, whichever country you live in, there’s always a new place to discover. It just makes travelling a whole lot easier, as you already have a car, your mobile works just the same, and you speak the local language, hopefully.

But if you do decide to be spontaneous and travel abroad, Sky Scanner^ is my go to app to finding the cheapest tickets. Did you know you can put in ‘everywhere’ as your destination, this way you can plan your trip based on your budget. It’s one of my favourite features as We’re often quite flexible with where we want to go.


What’s your preferred types of accommodation? Hostels? holiday parks? airbnb? bed & breakfast?

I use Hostelworld^ and Hostelbookers^ for all of my bookings before I had Kyra.

Nowadays, our preference for a budget family holiday is to stay in a holiday park, may it be camping, or staying in a private cabin. During peak seasons, top rated holiday parks are quickly snapped up. But you may be lucky enough to fill in a last minute cancellation, the way to find it, is search ‘holiday park’ on google map, call them one by one to check for availability. Quite often, their websites are not updated in real-time. So pick up your phone, and call. A lot of staff actually live onsite, meaning there’ll be someone to pick up the phone even after work hours.

If this fails, Airbnb* would be our next go to app.

US$33 Off your first stay with Airbnb. Sign up here! *affiliation link

Once in a while, we treat ourselves to a luxury stay at a hotel. Unless you have a loyalty program with sites like Hotels.com*. We use Trivago^ to get the best deals.

Very rarely, you just couldn’t find a suitable accommodation that’s available for your dates. If you’re really adventurous, it’s not uncommon for holiday parks and hostels to work out some magic when you eventually rock up at their doorstep. But of course always be prepared and have a plan B in place.

Things to do

Apart from browsing through Top Things To Do on Tripadvisor^. Did you know you can also find top attractions by searching ‘attractions’ on Google map.

You can also zoom in the map and find points of interest.

Save them to get a big picture of how your itinerary will go. If you’re going to a remote place, type in ‘okmaps’ to save that region as an offline map.

That’s it! Start packing and enjoy your last minute spontaneous getaway!

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In the meantime…

What’s your tips on planning a holiday? Comment below!

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