How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home in 2 Minutes DIY Mum Hack

by Kida
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It’s almost impossible to get a haircut as a mum of 2, especially under Covid-19 lockdown period. My hair has grown so long over the past few months, and any new mums would know that babies love clinging onto them for some reason.

I had no choice but to tie my hair into a bun day and night, as a result, my hair was damaged with split ends and tangled like fur balls. Out of desperation, I tried a DIY quick fix haircut at home this morning and was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out.

Well, of course you can’t compare it to a haircut from the salon, but it’s good enough for mums who will just end up tying our hair into a bun anyways.

I recorded a video afterwards to demonstrate the exact steps I took to cut my own hair with a 2 minutes timer – sadly, that’s usually how long I can put my 3 months old down.


All You Need Is:

  • a pair of scissors
  • a hairbrush
  • a few hairbands
  • a mirror
How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home under 2 Minutes Mom Hack DIY Lifestyle Blog Cover

4 easy steps to cut your own hair at home in just under 2 minutes!
Disclaimer: I’m not a hairstylist nor am I a beauty guru, I’m a mum who needs to get things done.

Total Duration: 2 minutes

Bring all your hair to the front.

bring all the hair to the front

Use a brush and bring all the hair to the front evenly.

Tie it up

tie it up

Use a hairband and tie it up.

Mark your cut

use a hair band to mark where you want to cut your hair

Use another hairband to mark the cut line, always cut less than you plan to.

Cut the layers

How to cut your own hair at home DIY beauty under 2 minutes mom life hack blog

Cut vertically for layers.

That’s it!

How did you go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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In the meantime…

Have you tried cutting your own hair? How did you cut it and how did it go?

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