7 Secret Remedies For New Mum Postpartum Upper Back Pain

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Hey, I see you’re also suffering from new mum aches and pains and probably cringing over the most common postpartum upper back pain. In this post, we share the top 7 most effective ways to relieve upper back pain, as well as how to minimize back pain while handling a newborn baby.

Sadly, most of us mums are too busy with motherhood to really pay attention to our aches and pains.
Even when we do feel them, we put up with the pains because there is just no time to look after ourselves…
Can you relate?x

Until 3 months after the birth of our baby, we wince when getting out of bed, dread picking up our babies, and wish we could lie in bed all day long.

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What causes postpartum back pain?

postpartum back pain pregnancy cause remedy relief lifestyle blog

Did you know, the culprit of our back pains actually started during pregnancy when relaxin kicked in. This hormone relaxes our ligaments and joints to prepare for the delivery of our baby, which at the same time weakens the support of our back. That’s not all, with the weight we gained during pregnancy and constantly hunched over to feed, change, bath, play with our newborns round the clock, it’s no wonder our back muscles are under tremendous stress.

What relieves upper back pain?

deep tissue massage relief back pain

1. A professional deep tissue massage, I vouch for this one! Read more below…
2. Use a nursing pillow or any thick pillow to prop up the baby when breastfeeding, so you can sit up straight.
3. Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees to reduce stress on your pelvis and back.
4. Doorway stretch: Stretch your back by placing your arms on either side of a door frame, and lean forward.
5. Sit against a wall for a few minutes with your back and the back of your head aligned and touching the wall.
6. Ask your toddler to sit on you, relax and have some fun!
7. Remember to bend your knees when picking up a baby or toddler, so the weights are supported by your knees, not your back.

My #1 Upper Back Pain Relief: Deep Tissue Massage

My baby is now 3 months old. I feel like I have 10kg on my shoulders and my upper back is in pain whether I sit, stand, kneel or lie. I do all the stretching exercises that are listed above at home, but still feel like I was hit by a bus all the time. So, as an attempt to end my misery and complaint, I’ve decided to try a deep tissue massage.

In the past, I’ve had Thai deep tissue massage for relaxation, but this time, I really want someone to walk all over my back and press hard into those trigger points until I moan or cry. Heck, just the thought of having an hour of alone time listening to relaxing Thai music without the kids reduces stress and anxiety!

Out of all the remedies, nothing is more satisfying than hearing my back crack left, right and centre at the end of the massage like the fireworks at a finale. After 60 minutes of feel-good pains, I feel like the weights have been lifted off of my shoulders, and I can literally feel the blood flowing as I stand up tall again. I wake up feeling like I’m walking on clouds the next morning and I honestly haven’t felt this good for so long.

To conclude, as new mums, we can try our best to avoid back pains, but unfortunately, the nature of being a mum makes it very hard. As helpful as home exercise are, these stretches usually only relieve back pains for a minute or two. The only satisfying remedy for me so far, is a top-rated professional deep tissue massage, relieving my back pains by breaking down tight muscle knots.

I’ve booked in a second appointment in 2 weeks time to pinpoint those muscles lumps around my back and shoulders, ironically, I can’t wait to feel the pressure pains and hear the sounds of my back popping again! It is also my newfound zen moment to get away from the kids and have this well-deserved hour about no one else, but me!

Ladies, don’t forget to look after yourselves. Mums are amazing givers, but like my partner always says…

You can’t look after anyone else if you go down first.


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In the meantime…

Do you also suffer from postpartum body aches and pains? What are your remedies and tips?

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